An International Star, the Ford Ecosport, Says “Oi” to the World

As Ford geared up to launch the 2012 EcoSport in Brazil, it needed to break from tradition and create a far reaching, compelling campaign that directly engaged consumers. The launch would showcase Ford’s new manufacturing model and it was set to take place eight months before the car would be commercially available.

BM Brazil team decided to position EcoSport as Ford’s international symbol of innovation by executing three distinct consumer events, called the EcoSport Parade, between May and August 2012. The parade consisted of a series of consumer-focused events designed to reach targeted consumers, multiple times through multiple channels.

By creating and maintaining momentum and interest over the course of eight months, the official launch was a huge success. Ford pre-sold 3,000 EcoSports, exceeding expectations. Brazilian media thoroughly covered the EcoSport launch with more than 1,500 stories secured, and social media efforts via Facebook, Twitter and blogs. One launch event held in Brasília generated instant buzz, recording more than 2.5 million impressions, causing Ford to top the trending list on Twitter during the event.

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