Peugeot “New Look Fair” (2001 – 2003)

Peugeot had been successful in the past with its older brand of cars. However, the new variants were having problems breaking into the consciousness of Nigerians as they felt the new models were no different from the old ones. Peugeot also wanted the launch of the variants of the new 307 model series align with the brand’s goals.

CMC Connect strategically sought to change the perception of the brand from a conservative to a more dynamic and contemporary one, with a concept tagged “The New Look Fair”. The event aimed to connect the new brands with contemporary platforms in fashion and music and engage the final consumers.

The results were phenomenal. Peugeot built mind recall for the brand, shifting focus from the older models to the new models, which set a standard for the brand. Test drives at the various event provided potential customers with first-hand experience of driving the cars. Ultimately, sales increased and the Brand still enjoys the goodwill and success achieved from the strategy till date.

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