Please Don’t Stop the Music

After cutting funding for the Dutch Broadcasting Orchestras by the Government in 2010, the organization approached Burson-Marsteller to salvage the situation, save hundreds of jobs and the musical institution.

Burson designed a campaign focusing on the plight of the orchestra and the magical impact music has on nearly everyone. The campaign reached out to the government to convince them that the Orchestras should stay. Some funding was restored, but the team realized that a more public campaign was needed if more funding was to be restored. The team decided that flash mob performances at high profile locations around the country would be the way to ignite the Dutch public’s passion for music.

The flash mobs made headline news on major national and international news channels and the front pages of newspapers. The Dutch Broadcasting Orchestras number of followers on Twitter and Facebook surged. Most importantly, the Dutch government joined the chorus and decided to save more than half the budget to keep the Dutch Broadcasting Orchestras alive and playing.

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